Roman Municipal Water Works Rooftop Near Temple, Jerusalem | I

‘Gnostic — Halt!!’

[Philistines — the Cretan mercenary Sanhedrin soldiers demanded.

From their ladders.]

[Moments before…speaking to a class of children

James, brother of Iesu, Q’Umran Leader of the Essenes -

Known as both

The Beloved, and Teacher of…

Heavenly Court | <>T

[Yahweh:] ‘Court stenographer, read that back.’

[Daniel:] ‘[Lucifer:] ‘What did you do Monday?

More rest?

Take more Sapien girls?

Mass flooding murder

Of the Nephilim infestation?’

[Daniel:] ‘[Lucifer again:] ‘A return to oceans

Like the wolves did, becoming

Gentle whales?’

[Daniel:] ‘[Lucifer:] Amniotic…

Crime Scene, Athens Night Market District | -IV

[Hippocrates emerges like a baby

From the night fog’s investigation.

They both knew well of each other -

One, the establishment’s medical doctor -

Of Science’ growing body of knowledge.

And the other

Sentenced to death for the


Of Self

3 Walking in Athens’ Suburbs | -IV PM & 16 Hours to Execution

[Sokrates:] ‘These new Scientists

Like soldiers, bow -

While other philosophers

Say that it doesn’t exist -

But through Time

We live then die.

We plan, experience and adjust.

We will be hungry.

Our crops grow in…

The Tyger Testifies at Lucifer’s Trial | <>T

[Elektro as a transformed Tyger, in excerpts:]

‘I have traversed Time -

And know the 8th Dimension.’

[The angel gallery above gasped - hubbub as this was beyond even Yahweh.]

‘There in the 8th, all is double — each consequence begins…

Timed Investigation — 18 hours left | Athens’ Jewish Quarter -IV

The 3 arrived at Sokrates’ student’s house in early night.

A rune with ancient inscription etched on it as mile marker — X P

As a slave hung in the front yard tree.

[Running out a 15 year old…

Sokrates Departing the Death Sentence Tribunal | New Athens -IV

[Slave Police Chief of Athens, Tuition:] ‘Stranded, I was on Crete once

Near the city of Gortyn, when by chance

You too addressed the Cretan public &

The Sea People man emerged from the surf.

You and Plato spoke to…

Physics For Poets 146 — Just Demoted From 200 Level Courses | XX

[Professor Woodley:] ‘Water - at Einstein Beach.

Liquid oxygen and animals like us love it.

Breathing it in, swimming in it, quenching thirst

Baptized in it

The Flood destroyed us

And from your unfolded beach chair you…

The Negev | I

Slave bedraggled faces following

A Zealot’s lead thru the star lit desert -

Torches held aloft lighting camel, sheep.

Oases, cisterns seem now a fantasy -

Instead this Dystoscape at Death’s edge.

Travelers dragged behind the

Treacherous guide’s exhorting.

The fanatical Zealots

Who believe a self-murder…

Judean Tavern| I

Iesu was about to tell His friends of the Orient

And adventures.

Of Enlightenment.

And Philosophy’s action requirement.

Of the mission back here, now

And of non action’s impact — wu wei.

[Mr. Iscariot bursts in:] ‘Romans!

[Looks back out the door crack.]

Amassed outside

In formation.’

Neanderthal Messiah

Neanderthal Messiah

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