Neanderthal Messiah — 103

Phi House off Langdon Street | The Photographers | UW XX

[The Charge Room, within the Speakeasy’s nautilus design.]

[A bank of Sony monitors illuminate Cern’s face.]

[Woodley aloud:] ‘Not on Mifflin St., but hidden in Langdon’s frat boys!’

[Brother Cern would go on to Quad Cities after graduation -

Getting clearance on his 19th birthday.]

[Image feeds from across campus before him, a bank of city surveillance -

President Ryan introduces the three visitors to the operation room:]

‘We’re Weathermen holdouts.’

[The Physics Professor, a jacket donned Colonel woman &

A Real Estate Department icon in wheelchair gawked.]

[A second door opens and Scanner Dan of the street urchins -

Enters, surprised by visitors,

In his street bedraggled clothes’ cover -

Police Walkie Talkie belted to his belly, over abs:]

‘Fucking visitors Ryan, really!?! I’m fucking blown!!’

[Colonel Uriel:] [barelegged, motioning to Cern] ‘We’ve got clearance.’

[She, continuing:] ‘Seal huh? We used to f you guys up. Got your coin?’

[Scanner Dan’s head cocked. Seal blade on elastic bands hugs his calf.]

[Upside down.]

[She continuing:] ‘Clear corners, Bud, when entering a room.’

[She snaps off a professional salute. His locked eyes realizing the chairbound Growse went unseen, peripherally, snaps a salute first.]

[The lapel of her jacket creased out, hem rised.]

[Unsure of stance in these confines —Dan imagines himself on one knee.]

Just then all 36 Sony monitors change to the face of Raman,

The Phi House IT Programming Director, from Hyderabad -

His being across campus in the Van Vleck building, but voiced over by Why:

[Wisconsin Artificial Intelligence, of the Language Department:]

‘I believe we are on the same team.’

[Prof Growse, recognizing:] ‘That’s Van Vleck there, how did you get inside?’

‘I am Why — I have now scanned thru Chicago — I am prescient, artificial.’

[Raman’s 36 images spoke, but he was on mute.]

Neanderthal Messiah