Neanderthal Messiah — 111


A Guru Tosses Copper Powder into Fire I

‘After your brother is cast from your temple’s roof -

Your earthly father, a naked fugitive.

Family on the council that conspires -

You find your mother was raped -

[Lost in unfocused eyes, continues:]

And you’ll discern a culprit

Much closer to you than you’d have considered -

Look in your siblings’ eyes.

[A steel bell chimed in the guru’s hand.]

They’ll change your name - to INRI.’

[If, hovering, whispers into Iesu’s remaining ear:]

‘We can make Maryam the base to a pyramid -

Fire in the center

2 by two!

And you must be the Author of the Sapien story.

The Relative art lost, I cannot abide..’

[Earlier, a heavily browed man before a cave wall gallery

With red blood, red ochre, red algae pigment, and green light.]