Neanderthal Messiah — 122

Neanderthal Messiah
2 min readFeb 15, 2021


The Phyto Cave at Delphi Oracle Complex -IV

[Xanthippe, Sokrates’ widow, holds Sybl’s hand.]

[Sybl, teenage clairvoyant, returning:] ‘In this one, there’s a city beneath.

But the vapors that disturb the air, watch out for them.’

[Sybl enters her subterranean home that she’d come from -

Paying their respects to Sokrates upon his death in Athens above.]

[Xanthippe:] ‘How will we see?’

[Their eyes dilate, but also they hear the foot steps approaching from below.]

[A female spectre, of hunched barrel-chested, heavily browed form

Approaches and lifts her arms, exposing glowing sparks emanating

From the amniotic wetness of her armpit garden -

Pink light made the cave room visible, she stands up, akimbo, glowing.

Iridescent paintings on the wall seemed to move -

The spectre guide now visible as a hybrid Neanderthal before them,

And the pair began their descending journey into the

Heightened smells, perception and bonded synchronization


Into the gaseous subterranean belly of the World -

And the culture that lived there — only as female.]

[They stop & the cave guide motions for Xanthippe to raise her arms

Smearing upon her her own plankton, algae, mold & mushroom -

An exo-biome that inhabited and directly influenced their

State of mind, brain function, creativity & mood.]

[Xanthippe’s blonde hair, a sensation in Athens,

Drew the sparking algae to her head -]

[The Guide to Sybl:] ‘A sign!’

[Within Oracle prophesy — a golden halo.]

[Xanthippe seeing clearly that they were in the jewelry room -

Sees a copper bracelet on a stalactite, that calls to her -

Selecting it - admiring then sliding it up her arm, above the bicep.]