Neanderthal Messiah — 143

Sokrates’ Backyard, Athens Suburb -IV

[Just before his public execution.]

[Sokrates:] ‘The Age changes -

Her development depends on Education.’

[Plato:] ‘But what of her condition?

This repeating — it breaks down arguments

Through simplest inquiry.

I’ve seen the child ruin Rhetoricals downtown.’

[Sokrates:] ‘Rhetoric is dying with the Polis

Per the dory across shield’s face.

Threatening - these new Spartan masters regard

Not Rationale — but Winning.

The students will not abide.

How can I teach that what’s fought and not what floats -

Submerging your opponent..’

[Plato:] ‘So the girl is damned.’

[Sokrates:] ‘Your compassion to take in the child

From that reprehensible Mt. Teygetus exposure death rite

Is commendable…but now to integrate her

Into a Polis while it metamorphosizes

Into the very Spartan eugenics that rejected her...’

[Plato, interrupts:] ‘Perhaps derivative, but language.

Her accent is perfect

Could she teach Alexander

To lose that ugly Macedonian drawl?

The other kids taunt him.

They already have an affinity for each other.

He’s to become king.’

[Alexander, 6:] ‘COH-COH-WAI-YAH.’

[Aristotle, 3 and a half:] ‘COO-COO-VAI-YAH?’

UW Madison Physics for Poets Course, Professor Woodley XX

‘Let me describe a phenomenon our motorcyclists

Know of instinctually, but it’s hard to describe -

Counter Steering: Turning the wheel left to go right.’

Neanderthal Messiah