Neanderthal Messiah — 182

Neanderthal Messiah
2 min readOct 6, 2021


Sokrates Departing the Death Sentence Tribunal | New Athens -IV

[Slave Police Chief of Athens, Tuition:] ‘Stranded, I was on Crete once

Near the city of Gortyn, when by chance

You too addressed the Cretan public &

The Sea People man emerged from the surf.

You and Plato spoke to it — I believe Plato fainted.’

[They walk.]

[Sokrates:] ‘Yes an Atlantean, inviting us to Atlantis.

They’d been in contact with the Oracle too,

Seeing their future in those cave walls.

And they’d heard my name — so they sought me out.

My wife’s niece [gestures to her following them] is a seer up there.’

[Police Chief Tuition, noticing:] ‘I’m an Angle and we have these shaman.

The Cretan Philistines tell of Pharaoh’s toppling…from Sea People.’

[Sokrates in turning up his collar into hood for the night’s rape case work

-Before his execution tomorrow at sunset-

Pokes himself in the eye, tearing:] ‘The Spartans have made a tribunal

Of the virtuous Athenian Areopagus.

The Golden Age of Democracy dies tomorrow.

And a criminal sex act for us to investigate tonight —

[Mutters] Likely male, youthful.

When many of my students — The Owls — do threaten Asexuality.


[Tuition, the Police Chief Slave:] ‘What did the Atlantean say?’

[Sokrates:] ‘I am silenced by the Spartan Society that now does rule here

A child to be quiet.

They, my parents.


[Sokrates continues, while rubbing his eye:]

‘Parents want benefits

A sex contract for child labor

For her — Mrs., a house, public selection, leaving her parents

An adulthood badge of

Dependent, unconditional love.

A new family name

Elevation in society

Inheritance laws in stone written

Exercise mandate removed

Food! Salary! Allowances.

Justification of menstrual weakness

No more competition.

And for him a sex trap.

Children foisted from empty arms saying:

See — you have love!

Tuition, we cannot rely on parents’ testimony this evening -

That their non-consent deal for the child was impartial?

They testify to their children that this reality is good.

The religious will not declare which this is, parents worst, lie.

So, first to House Euthyphro.’