Neanderthal Messiah — 190

Neanderthal Messiah
2 min readFeb 7, 2022


Speakeasy Basement off the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Madison | 1989

The results of the off-Langdon Photographers House Annual $2,000


Of 1 minute Haikus on What’s the biggest societal influence, are in -

This year’s grant finalists: Science vs. Art

And the UW professors were allowed participation as a nod

To the Olympics’ professional athletes.

Professor Woodley of Physics for Poets 146

Personalizing the life saving effects of Medicine

That — along with the 10 fingers naturally pointing to

Base-10 mathematics -

Implying that even a religious God

Sent a hint to be scientific.

But Art’s rebuttal appealed to the senses -

Symbolism of life’s greater value

And the music that Science took credit for amplifying

Was artistic, aphrodisiac & maternal.

And there, before the Tandy screen

With faint memories of debits & credits swirling before him,

Of the business school’s rejection of his typing -

His 3.1 grade point average disallowing entrance,

[So an Economics degree instead, with English Literature

Oddly added within the Bachelors of Science program.]

A green pall veiled his mien:

[He deflates] ‘A tie.’

Turning to his awaiting house brothers

The MC with mic

DJ Yun watching from the dais, ready to cut the music

[He confirms:] ‘49-49!’

[A hired photographer zaps their predicament.]

[A foosball goal clanks.]

[Across the asbestos tiled floor, covered in spilled Blatz -

Professors in attendance chat, Professor James laughs over her one beer.]

[She, an English Dept tenured professor since the mid-60s, stands shocked.]

‘Hello, Elaine.’

[She gasps.]

[Professor James:] ‘But, how can it be?’

[He moves closer to her.]

[His Navy forearms still Popeye’d from the WWII engine room pull-ups.]

[Professor James:] ‘Gus’s’, at the Capitol…’ [she says overwhelmed]

[Collapsing into his arms:] ‘It’s been 20 years!’

‘Eureka!’ [Into his Lotus 1–2–3]

I didn’t vote!… Oh my God.’

[Professor James:] ‘How can, y — you- haven’t aged.

Your story of crossing time, I thought…you were using the Method.’



Neanderthal Messiah