Neanderthal Messiah — 191

Neanderthal Messiah
3 min readFeb 20, 2022


[Professor Conrad marathoning:] ‘The Spartans summon you!

As a character witness for your student, Youth!

At this worst possible time!

Back at the Tribunal (-huh.-huh.-huh.).’

Athens’ Areopagus Tribunal Court | -IV

[Court Scribe heralds:] ‘Euthyphro versus Euthyphro, Murder Accusation.

Let the record show the boy goes by the graffiti alias — Youth.’

[Prosecutor:] ‘If it pleases the court, Sokrates has been summoned.

This, his last day -

And since he’s abetting the police rape investigation

That stemmed from his Symposium

He has agreed to vouch, bear witness to

The virtue of his student, Youth, at the commencement of these matters -

Here, now, for the prosecution.’

[Sokrates approaches the docket he knew yesterday:]

‘I can tell you of virtue, as I have studied it.

But I know nothing.

We discuss, for example, slavery’s place, like

The warehouse fire that took those souls, not property.

Now we are to militarize our polis’ education itself

To the choking Agoge’s lesson.

Because the Persians want to burn us to the ground.

That is the practical side of our studies in filo sofia.

Of parenting, money, and this new science that resuscitates

In Hippocrates’ medicines, techniques, inheritances.

Pinpoint blind remedies.

But they [points to the defense] will portray

An orgy at my last Symposium, priors.

And the case I came from now, identifying with police — rape.

And my conviction: 1.) Foreign gods & 2.) Corruption of the Youth!

All of it true.

But where is virtue? My subject today. [Youth]

This young man has a father who murdered a slave…

What value is there for virtue with valueless slaves…

The cynic would point to Youth defending his inheritance

From potential bastard brothers. [Looks to the Spartan panel.]

Instead I would point to his involvement in that orgy.

As his Virtue in practice.’

[Tribunal General to the observers:] ‘Quiet.’

[Sokrates continues:] ‘The students had committed to aiding the slaves

Giving their seed, opportunity in life, to the dispossessed.

To a priceless maiden, even though they’d fully sworn abstinence

To the asexual cult of the Owl. The -


[Tribunal General, draws his bronzed copper alloy kopis, raps:] ‘Quiet.’

[Sokrates:] ‘They were playing the so-called Genetikos game:

All using prophylactics — with one pre-pierced.

Like Hippocrates curing the blind

A pin point to traverse.’

[Sokrates continues:] ‘But a military interloper did stealthily interject.

And altruism became infection for those who came after

While unafraid, unshielded, altruistic lovers thrusted democracy.

But… there were witnesses too…

They’re here now.

Dionysus’ retinue, invoked to the ceremony.’

[Crowd erupts, shrieks heard — self silencing hushes sh’d.

As Oracle priestess Sybl leads in the three gliding spirit Gods .] ‘— The Graces.’

UW Madison Graduate Real Estate Finance 577 | 1990

[Earliest Iridium cellphone prototype handed:] ‘Professor Growse? Terry.

It’s the FDIC, RECOLL Management, Volcker all at Fleet Bank here

On the conference line.

— We have an emergency in Real Estate -

Bank of New England.’


Athens Court

[Prosecutor to Sybl & the Graces:] ‘Firstly, before their testimony…

[Sibl would need to interpret for the Graces as they don’t speak Greek.

They speak Proto Indo European - the tongue of Neanderthal.]

…What did you tell Sokrates at the Oracle

About this foreign god, Iesu.’