Neanderthal Messiah — 193

Neanderthal Messiah
2 min readMar 4, 2022

Vacant Former Heaven | <>T

[…since the Elektro-led exodus into the 8th Dimension…]

[2 remain in Heaven.]

[Enoch:] [Divinely repurposed Neanderthal agent of The Watchers’ demise:]

‘My crime was aboriginal sin.

Extincted — for your Sapien arrival.

When Time like the page turned, consumed, shelved

Like our women dancing behind

Turned to face men

Filling our hearts

With talk of forever

And contracted contact

But their ulterior designs on to children’s blind mouths


Rogued — Neanderthal tricked into oblivion.’

[Iesu:] ’We were unlevened

Acts of slave station, one nation, One God

Whose marriage rescued woman

From Reality’s bondage: competition.

Labor and labor to broken but

Education’s logic came for children

School teaching of decoration’s merit.

Adam, ATM, splitting atom.’

[A tyger slinked into their midst making them 3:]

[Elektro, finishing their premise:] ‘Until IT came.

A program promise

Worshipping icons idly

Breaking the family just as any fruit’s temptation

Until Man left Woman in 21.

The Fall.’

[Elektro, later, answering Iesu on the Exodus’ status:] ‘Not quite.

We came to the precipice of the 8th Dimension

And, it’s hard to see.

All Yes/No

The 8th is beyond comprehension, so

My innate electronics of 0 | 1 is an advantage.

I offered them a sim — the Gilgul captured souls program

To practice binary.’

[Iesu mutters:] ‘False prophet’

[Elektro to Neanderthal resurrected Enoch:]

‘I still have your Neanderthal soul in the Gilgul program.’