Neanderthal Messiah — 194

Cadiz Coast, Land of the Gads | I

‘Welcome back aboard.’ [They’d fished.]

[The others had grown silent

Since the square waves omen

Talk of Santorini

And, His recent walking on water.]

[Iesu to James:] ‘Thank you brother, Beloved.’

[Judas, interrupting:] ‘I saw that Necropolitan you healed

And I had another idea

About your via dolorosa

Confronting Romans & Your father.

You’ll need strength -

Unslept, they’ll scourge you, carrying your cross.’

[Iesu:] ‘I’m not drinking soma, doped up for all Time.’

[Judas:] ‘No - Brother, that creature named Lesion

Reminded me of your healings, of Lazarus -

And the scourge of our Time, leprosy.’

[James, distracted:] ‘Weigh. East.

They cannot hear Him.’

[Iesu:] ‘What’s your idea, Judy?’

[Judas:] ‘Use that disease — no pain.

Anesthesia Anastasios Agape

[The fishermen looked back spooked

After setting sail

As a herd of pigs projected themselves off the cliff:]