Neanderthal Messiah — 195

Neanderthal Messiah
2 min readMar 12, 2022

City Military Tribunal led by Critias, Sokrates’ former Student | -IV

[Known previously as the Areopagus, Athens’ court of democracy.]

[Aide-de-camp to Critias:] ‘Careful, Sire! They play a game

With the truth here in Athens.’

[Critias:] ‘You visited my home at dawn, but left.

Did you not ask at my door for Leonidas?’ [motioning to his aide.]

[Sokrates:] ‘Yes, since that great man was of freedom’s cause

Who’d heeded the Oracle

Laid down his life for Greeks

To but only delay the inevitable Persian tide -

Yes - I asked of you him.’

[Critias:] ‘This trial is about your student, Youth.

His father who killed… a slave.

You’re your student’s character witness.

Does he regale too in this truth game -

As I understand it — look to be corrected?

The game’s goal is to elicit pedantic superiority?’

[Sokrates:] ‘Yes, it’s also called The Philistine

It was played at my Symposium

Where a rape occurred too.’

[Critias:] ‘Can you give an example of this Correction Game’s virtue?’

[Sokrates:] ‘Our wrestler Milo has bested your trained warriors.’

[Critias:] ‘What — No! Not true.’ [gavels his sword at gallery laughter.]

[Sokrates, effortlessly:] ‘Vanquishing your agoge specimen without a fight.

Auto defeated, conceding pre-match, opting out.’

[Critias:] ‘This never happened and the Great Milo is from Croton

Not yours, Athenian. Sorry!’

[From the back of the gallery:] ‘Opa.’

[Sokrates, chances it:] ‘Defeated before he even got out of bed -

Pinned before standing.’

[Critias:] ‘The Spartan!…. comes home on his shield, no.

Not in combat, never beat.’

[An adolescent voice from the Gallery:] ‘Tessera!’

[Critias:] ‘Silence!’

[The aide-de-camp approaches the general and whispers.]

[Sokrates smiling to the student filled gallery:] ‘Okto, actually.’

[Chorus of cheers.]