Neanderthal Messiah — 198

Neanderthal Messiah
1 min readMar 24, 2022


Princeton, NJ | 1950

[His smiling secretary greets him:] ‘Wonderful news!

It looks like a wedding invitation, Doktor, wax sealed! E?

[She hands him the envelope.]

[Excitedly:] ‘It’s post-marked Bs. As.! Where’s that?’

[Einstein walks with it into his office:] ‘The Ratline.’


Vows are like =

Men are space

Women are rhythm

Love is gravity.

Toiling trouble which lays in laws

More strange than e-Intelligence doubling.

Within a century your calculations predict

This union of unequals will cleave.

Attraction, bonds, Physics lost

A pair of dice tossed

Algorithm parents life-like

Approval sought by children of it.

And your philosophy of Relativity

Touring a red planet with a Time that fails

Women disconnected from lunar phase

Men shun the sun’s work.

Reading — into this time next century with

Crisper evolution visibility

For fellows who make life now to zero counts

Then In Vitro screening wiggles clawed.

Women’s love trap switch left behind

And the long past Church’s nave’ll grow fallow

While Men are no longer tempted to worship

In your aftermath, The Age of Multiple Singularities.

— Lieserl

Q’Umran Copper Scroll Essene Workshop| I

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