Neanderthal Messiah — 199

Neanderthal Messiah
2 min readMar 25, 2022

7th Dimension | Heaven Repopulates

[A bolt of lightning — Yahweh appears shaken with angels strewn about.]

[Sokrates, His aide on their new covenant:] ‘Be happily married

Or you’ll find yourself a philosopher.’

[Elektro:] ‘The binary sim did prepare you, Yahweh. Now for the 8th?

[Yahweh:] [Waves off]— ‘No, I’ve decided to take Maryam as my wife

And live with the Sapiens

Leaving all here to my children. [Turning]

If, Iesu - this is yours.

I have forgiven Lucifer…’ [If, fully visible — the scars upon her too — gasps.]

[Looking around none could find the decondemned light bearer.]

[A rifled, spinning missile heaved directly

To the zenith of the Heavens -

All turned to look at its climb.

A firework that would rattle the firmaments

Did explode in burst of red

In snarling burn sounds of chemistry’s love.

Another of sunflower yellow pigment — kaBOOM!

A third of green exuberance that the stars could only muster envy

At the prolific display of the effusive Lucifer -

In the name of the nuptials, of course.

Arms furiously conducting the exuberance of champagne bottle pressures


Another library rattling detonation as Gold & Copper streaming

Tentacles intermix above — into plumes of joy.

The rings of Saturn would be jarred askew.]

[Amused, watching, a tired Yahweh:] ‘I will ask that you, Elektro

To please release

All the souls you’ve collected

In your Gilgul Program.

All of Homo.

Welcomed here.’

UW Helen C. White Library Administrative Back Offices | 1969

[New English Department Professor Elaine James in UV lit office hours]

[D.B. Vickerman walks in, sits - Popeye tattooed on his bulging forearm.]

[Professor James:] ‘Are you here for Creative or Milton?’ [Opens a shade.]

[1943 Navy Special Engineer D.B. Vickerman] ‘Neither —

What can you tell me of the Gnostics…and Time?’