Neanderthal Messiah

Nov 4, 2020

1 min read

Neanderthal Messiah — 76

UW Madison’s Social Sciences Building XX

[Language Professor GOW-SOO:] ‘PINYIN was

A spelled out Mandarin Chinese translation

For their new Russian brothers to share Lenin’s words.

But Moscow used Cyrillic letters to spell.

And further, in Bonaparte diplomacy’s pronunciation

Lingua Franca

They’d used both PRE-Great Vowel Shift tones & Arabic letters.

And nowadays + the Americans’ Morse tapping ‘a’: ‘slap’, ‘back’.

Thousands of Mexican girls scream ‘Jeem!’ meant

Britain’s lost vowel caste cost Shakespeare’s voice.

Decadent film on bikinis and gun plots premiered.

So, class, we’ll Romanize Mandarin using Jive:


[Translation: Ride the tiger, it’s difficult to get down.] ‘